Books… Write them and they will sell!

Not exactly. I have seen a lot of great books hit Amazon and not do anything. My clients often ask me what they should do to get their books moving once they have them on Amazon.

My answer: Create a book trailer video.

Book trailer videos are cool because they grab the reader’s attention where they do not expect it (in a video). Videos are a great way to tease the audience with tidbits that they want to know more about. Once you have them hooked with your video trailer, they will be more likely to follow your video to Amazon where they can buy your book.

Below is a reprint of an article I recently posted on one of my other blogs:

This Is The Best Reason I’ve Heard For Learning How To Promote With Video

(Reprinted from

Marketers fall all over themselves to buy the latest in video creation software. They buy the software and then they get busy creating videos and put them on YouTube. Then they wait. And wait. The traffic, it should be here by now, right? Not exactly, you have to promote your video to get the traction you need! If you don’t learn to promote videos the right way, you have just wasted your time and money using the video creation software you just bought!

3-1013tm-cart-businessPromoting videos should be an automatic reflex, sort of like when you eat in front of the TV and you manage to get the fork in your mouth without looking at it. You should post the videos to all the major (and a lot of the minor) video hosting sites. The search engines look for new content to share, and since they love video, your video should be so many places that they don’t have a choice but to show your video! My buddy (and mentor) Ross Goldberg created a software system called Video Marketer to help you get your videos on as many sites as you want. But it also shows you which sites you should be promoting the videos that you just uploaded.

Using Video Marketer will help with video promotion. It gives you the framework for a successful video marketing campaign along with the training to have you doing your video marketing the right way every time. I highly recommend you check out Video Marketer now while the price is at its lowest!

What should I do next?

If you are an author… you should be making book trailers to promote your book. This system will help you get the videos that you create out to your prospective readers! Here is the software I recommend for creating videos for your book trailer (you don’t need all of them – some do different jobs – some overlap in their capability):

Video Maker FX – This software is a standalone product that creates videos from a series of templates that are contained in the program. You have the option to buy additional templates for even greater variety of videos.

Easy Video Suite – This is actually a suite of software that allows you to record your own screen share videos and web cam videos in addition to a powerful player that gives you the ability to include opt in forms and payment buttons on the video itself or on the landing page. This is great if you want to do demonstration or talking head videos.

Auto Video Creator – This software is great if you want to do presentation videos using PowerPoint (not included) or Open Office Impress (free but not included). The program imports presentations and allows you to narrate the slides yourself or reads them using a powerful text to voice module. It also allows you to add background music or upload a soundtrack. One drawback to this one is that it does not allow in-slide animations like PowerPoint does. Still a good value.

PowerPoint – If you own PowerPoint, you can create presentations and save them as videos. One drawback I have run into with this method is that some of my videos would not save because I was making them too elaborate. This is really only good for very simple video presentations. If you want to record presentations with a lot of animations and sound effects, you have to use a screen capture program like Easy Video Suite above.

With the above software and your creativity, your book will get the promotion it needs to flourish in the marketplace! But you must remember to use it according to the plan that Ross Goldberg outlines in his training that accompanies Video Marketer! With the training and the programs, you will have the tools necessary to capture your audience and increase your future sales as you write to their interests!

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