Writing a unique, interesting blog that is connected to your website is essential for most companies. The difficult thing, sometimes, is knowing whether you need a “product promo” or “company blog” that doesn’t even mention your name.

Company blog articles give information about your product or service without mentioning your sponsorship. Posts can help customers understand one single benefit of any product in the category – the longevity of wood floors, for example. Longer blog entries can compare two products lines when you carry both – wood vs. laminate flooring, for example.

“Everything has been done before.”
There ARE new ideas under the sun. Use competitors’ blogs and promos as your challenge. The trick, unlike your competitors, is that you step back from yourself and see it from the buyer’s point of view.

What is the question that you are most often asked? What do customers need to know before the actual purchase decision? What stages did they go through before buying? Topics that speak directly to the customer’s needs perform better, even if they’re not exciting or oh-so-clever.

Think like the customer, direct your content to the customer, and you’ll get customers.

“I don’t have time.”
Devising a relevant topic and creating content for your blog does take time. Distasteful as it may be, give it as much attention as your social media marketing. Yes, it’s that important. Your time is repaid many times over.

Blog postings should be interesting and well-researched. Do not, in any way, copy and paste another’s web content. It’s a copyright infringement and you can get sued. It saves time, but it’s bad practice.

Dare to be different. Stand out beyond your competitors and your industry.

“I am not a writer.”
This misconception has got to go. Anyone can write a good article when using the right tools and the right organization. Rule #1 is don’t try to cover everything in one post.

Write bullets of the three most important things about the topic you’ve chosen. Short posts will have one bullet point. Then write one unedited sentence about those bullets, go back the next round and write another sentence. Then edit your words beneath each bullet, and add clever subheads.

A well-written, informative blog reflects well on your company. Customers appreciate your “help” because a good blog instills trust.

As you can see, writing is not all that hard for even the beginner. The most important thing you can do is continually practice. If English is not your first language, not a problem! The best way for you to communicate in English is to practice writing it. That is how we incubate authors here! Read the posts of other members, and learn from the way they use the English language to get their point across.

PLEASE: Do not write posts in any other language than English. We are not able to handle other languages, and cannot help you with your writing if we cannot read it.