I received the following email from a subscriber who was frankly sick and tired of the hype machine that is most of the marketers’ newsletters out there (mine included). I only used the initials, but this could have come from one of hundreds of disgruntled subscribers on anyone’s list.

The bottom line, Michael, is that if one of these offers would actually do what they claim, I would only need that one, however, the offers keep coming because they do not work as advertised.

You know as well as I do that even the best of these offers are hyped and most of them outright mislead people with claims that there are only x copies left and that it will generate thousands of dollars in a short period of time. Even useful products are buried under an avalanche of serine hype that will never come close to being the truth.

I would love for this to not be the case and I would offer my heartfelt testimony to products that work as advertised and there are some such as Tweet adder. But if the majority of these products actually delivered on their promises and hype you wouldn’t need to sell them to your list because you could use them yourself to make your money. I have grown tired of financing other peoples lavish lifestyles by buying these products.

If you feely am wrong then tell me which product can help an unemployed man like myself avoid bankruptcy. I have tried for a year now and I will keep trying, but I can’t afford buying things that then just try to sell my 5 more things even before I get to the product I just bought.

Show my what product to use and if it works you will have a flood of gratitude and testimonies. Sadly at this point it needs to be pretty inexpensive and as far as hard work goes, I have put in 60 hours a week at this.
I wish you the best,


My Response

You are right about a good 75% of the offers out there. They really
are too good to be true. Many of them only worked for the person
who created the program because that tactic was new. Once the
beta testers and the JV Partners use it and flood the market with
these tactics, they often become useless (or become less effective
to the point of not being worth the money spent on them).
But another thing you have to think about it whether it fits into your
business plan. If you do not have a plan, you should not be buying
products anyway.
If you decided to start an online business, you should have written
down what it was you wanted to accomplish. Earning $10,000 per
month is not a business plan (I learned that after ten years of not
getting anywhere near my goal).
It wasn’t until I wrote down that I wanted to help people help
themselves that I really started getting somewhere. A lot of times
you get close to succeeding, but something may get in the way.
I totally understand where you are coming from. I retired from my
job before I had an income that was stable enough to keep my
business going. It took me an extra year to reach the point where
cash is not a problem. But I learned the hard way.
Now that I am at a point where I am free to help others, I have
made some changes to my marketing. I do not promote stuff
unless I know the person can deliver on their claims or I
have actually used their product. I never expect the product to
be the "be all – end all" because it may end up being a good
product, but unless I have the right combination of Offer,
Conversion, Proper Funnel, and Targeted Traffic… I won’t be
able to truly duplicate their success.
That is why I am leery of copy and paste systems, because if
they’ve made a lot from one ad, it will not necessarily translate
that it will continue to make a lot of money (especially now that
250 other people are also doing the same ads)…
But the techniques that these people use are valid, I just don’t
buy into the fact that they will work if everyone uses the same
copy for the same products.
If I can give you any parting words of wisdom, it is to first make
your plan, then work that plan. If a tool comes out that really
makes that task easier, then buy it, your time is worth more
than money, because you can always make money… not so
with time.
I may use this email as a blog post to help others too, because
a lot of people are feeling the way you are.
Anyway, even if you aren’t getting my emails anymore, feel free
to email me when you have a question, or need help moving
through a tough area of your plan. I was where you are, and
thanks to some great friends that I have made along the way,
I was able to get through a lot of tough patches.
You can always catch me at my help desk:
Have an amazing day!
Micheal Savoie