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Need to find great topics to blog about? Steve Scott has a Kindle Book that helps you through this topic without all the struggle. And for a limited time, that Kindle book is FREE!

The title is How to Find a Profitable Blog Topic Idea (Better Blog Booklets) and it is part of a larger series on blogging from the same author.

I wanted to let you know about it while it is still free, because I know that you can benefit from the things that Steve is covering. So head over to grab it before the price goes back up!


To your blogging success,

Micheal – 

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What would you do if you met a child who would surely die if
they didn’t get medical attention quickly? And by all
indications, that child had no hope for medical attention
because the cost was completely out of reach.

"That’s a sad situation," you say. "But there’s nothing
I can do about it… I’m just one person. They need a

Luckily, we know a great doctor.

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian has dedicated his life to helping
those kids. To date, he’s performed more than 70
life-saving surgeries for those kids who never would
haven’t gotten the open heart surgeries. He’s done that by
raising more than $137,000 through his internet marketing

And now, you can help him do more.

And you can profit from this as well by participating in the
NAMS4Kids JV Giveaway. Not only will you get 100s of great
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you’ll be saving lives…literally!

Read this example of one such child below:


"What do you want to become when you grow up?" the
interviewer on the cable TV news channel asked him.

"I will take good care of my mother," the boy replied.

His name is Vinodh. He is 8 years old. He had just recovered
from heart surgery.

And his words had deep meaning.

Much more than may be apparent at first glance.

When Vinodh was a toddler, his dad abandoned the family. His
mother scraped by, earning a meager daily wage as a
construction worker. On Rs.500 (around $10) a month, she
struggled to bring up 2 children. And one of them had a
congenital heart defect!

She was told he needed an operation. The cost would be at
least Rs.65,000 ($1,300). With no option in sight to raise
the mind-boggling sum, she hoped and prayed – and cared for
Vinodh. Until he became too ill to ignore.

The brave young woman, fighting for her precious son’s
survival, dared to make a desperate effort – and traveled
hundreds of miles to the nearest city where heart surgery
would be available. As to how she would fund it, she hadn’t
the faintest clue!

Or maybe she knew in her heart that there are people who
care. People just like you from around the world who would
reach out with a helping hand, and save her little boy.

Vinodh’s operation was funded through donations from the
Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation. His surgery was one of
the very first success stories of this organization… which
has funded 70 more like his since then.

Is it any surprise then that this young boy’s hope, dream
and ambition is to take good care of his heroine – his mom?

Oh, he said he also dreams of being a doctor.

Thank you – for helping him dream!

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian

Chennai, India


The Niche Affiliate Marketing System workshops have adopted
Dr. Mani’s foundation by supporting his cause. In January,
2010, at NAMS3, we raised more than $1600 from the people in
the room which resulted in surgery for one child in India. 

The students at NAMS saved a life.

If you’ve ever thought about participating in a JV Giveaway
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This one is truly different.

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But of course, we’d take a donation from you for Dr.
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And much more.

You name it, it’s there.

Remember, this is open at 10 a.m. ET on Friday, Aug. 20th.
Sign up now to get in first.

Stay tuned, I’ll let you know as soon as this is released.
It’s the most exciting news I’ve had the opportunity to
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Peace & Prosperity!

Micheal Savoie

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