I love reading fiction. When it is well written, it grabs you from where you are sitting and pulls you violently into the story. You feel the tension being laid out thick like the mortar on the bricklayer’s trowel. The descriptions bloom in your mind so that you actually see what is being described.

That can explain why we feel sort of let down when we see a movie that does not accurately portray the landscapes, the architecture and the people in our favorite stories. How someone can go from being a blonde girl to an African American male from book to movie is beyond me, but it somehow impacts our created world and shatters it into rubble.

Those who like to write fiction can see things that rest of us cannot. Their minds are fertile greenhouses where they plant seeds, nurture the budding ideas and prune them once they are fully fleshed out, so that only the most marvelous parts are visible to the mind’s eye.

My hope is to attract some fiction writers to the Author Development Blog so that we can learn from each other.

I have some good ideas for stories, and will be working on them here as well!