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This is the 4th Installment of The Ultimate Guide To Blogging by Bill Davis. In book 4 of this series, Bill reveals the top tactic for turning content into cash:


The Ultimate Guide to Blogging: Traffic: Traffic Generation Secrets and Tips from a Blogging Pro

I love being able to give away stuff.

Too often, I feel bad asking you to buy stuff from us, because it shouldn’t always be a one way street. Yvonne & I don’t expect you to buy everything we tell you about. In fact, we hope that you only buy those things that will really help you in your online marketing endeavors.

Because we don’t often get our hands on things that we can give away, when they arrive, we hurry and get them out to you!

Ultimate-Guide-To-Blogging The first is a book by Bill Davis – The Ultimate Guide To Blogging Part 3:

Bill Davis is creating a killer series on blogging and this third installment is on the content part of the equation. In it, you will find the best structure to have for your blog and what you have to do before you can write your first post!

publishnprofit126_hardback The second book is by my friend Mike Koenigs, the creator of Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer. The book is called Publish & Profit:

In it you will find the best way to make money publishing books! It is a LOT easier than you may have thought! Grab it while he is giving it away for free:

Thanks for your time, and have an amazing day!

Micheal & Yvonne –

PS – You still have time to grab Video Profit Machine at a good price:

“A must read!”

The Ultimate Guide to Blogging Laying the Foundation Part 2: Setting up Your Announcement Networks & Getting Google to Love You The Ultimate Guide to Blogging Laying the Foundation Part 2: Setting up Your Announcement Networks & Getting Google to Love You

This book is one of those building blocks that if you forget to use it, the house looks like it is structurally sound, but at the slightest tremor, the whole thing could come down on your head. Ignore this at your peril!

Now, what is it about?

Well, when you set up your blog, you want to give as many people a chance to see each post as is humanly possible… otherwise you are merely keeping a diary. Bill Davis reveals a foundation for setting up the Social Net Effect for your blog (social media is like a huge fishing net and the more places your content is found the more chances you have of drawing in potential readers into your primary blog).

In reality, this book is crucial for video marketers as well, since you want the same type of social network presence when you publish a video as you do when you publish a post.
In short, Bill has outlined the proper steps for socializing your projects (blog or not) because it all starts here if you want to be found in the search engines by real humans who are looking for your content.

Ignoring this is like the fellow who sees the flood coming and he starts praying for God to save him… while he is praying a bus stops in front of his house and the national guard knocks on his door telling him that they have room on their bus for him. He tells them that God will save him and goes on praying. A while later, the water is up to his front porch, and a boat comes by… the people on the boat tell the man to jump in and he tells them that God will save him and he goes on praying. Later, the water has chased him all the way to the roof of his house, and a helicopter flies over his house and drops a rope ladder down next to him but he waves them off, saying that God will save him. When he drowns and gets to Saint Peter, the man is angry that God did not save him from the flood, to which Saint Peter replies, "We sent you a bus, a boat and a helicopter… all you had to do was take action!"

Take action with this book, don’t just "read" it.

Micheal Savoie – Author of Social Net Effect: Fishing For Prospects With Social Media Marketing 

Grab The Ultimate Guide to Blogging Laying the Foundation Part 2: Setting up Your Announcement Networks & Getting Google to Love You while it is still at the low launch price!

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