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“A must read!”

The Ultimate Guide to Blogging Laying the Foundation Part 2: Setting up Your Announcement Networks & Getting Google to Love You The Ultimate Guide to Blogging Laying the Foundation Part 2: Setting up Your Announcement Networks & Getting Google to Love You

This book is one of those building blocks that if you forget to use it, the house looks like it is structurally sound, but at the slightest tremor, the whole thing could come down on your head. Ignore this at your peril!

Now, what is it about?

Well, when you set up your blog, you want to give as many people a chance to see each post as is humanly possible… otherwise you are merely keeping a diary. Bill Davis reveals a foundation for setting up the Social Net Effect for your blog (social media is like a huge fishing net and the more places your content is found the more chances you have of drawing in potential readers into your primary blog).

In reality, this book is crucial for video marketers as well, since you want the same type of social network presence when you publish a video as you do when you publish a post.
In short, Bill has outlined the proper steps for socializing your projects (blog or not) because it all starts here if you want to be found in the search engines by real humans who are looking for your content.

Ignoring this is like the fellow who sees the flood coming and he starts praying for God to save him… while he is praying a bus stops in front of his house and the national guard knocks on his door telling him that they have room on their bus for him. He tells them that God will save him and goes on praying. A while later, the water is up to his front porch, and a boat comes by… the people on the boat tell the man to jump in and he tells them that God will save him and he goes on praying. Later, the water has chased him all the way to the roof of his house, and a helicopter flies over his house and drops a rope ladder down next to him but he waves them off, saying that God will save him. When he drowns and gets to Saint Peter, the man is angry that God did not save him from the flood, to which Saint Peter replies, "We sent you a bus, a boat and a helicopter… all you had to do was take action!"

Take action with this book, don’t just "read" it.

Micheal Savoie – Author of Social Net Effect: Fishing For Prospects With Social Media Marketing 

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Books… Write them and they will sell!

Not exactly. I have seen a lot of great books hit Amazon and not do anything. My clients often ask me what they should do to get their books moving once they have them on Amazon.

My answer: Create a book trailer video.

Book trailer videos are cool because they grab the reader’s attention where they do not expect it (in a video). Videos are a great way to tease the audience with tidbits that they want to know more about. Once you have them hooked with your video trailer, they will be more likely to follow your video to Amazon where they can buy your book.

Below is a reprint of an article I recently posted on one of my other blogs:

This Is The Best Reason I’ve Heard For Learning How To Promote With Video

(Reprinted from

Marketers fall all over themselves to buy the latest in video creation software. They buy the software and then they get busy creating videos and put them on YouTube. Then they wait. And wait. The traffic, it should be here by now, right? Not exactly, you have to promote your video to get the traction you need! If you don’t learn to promote videos the right way, you have just wasted your time and money using the video creation software you just bought!

3-1013tm-cart-businessPromoting videos should be an automatic reflex, sort of like when you eat in front of the TV and you manage to get the fork in your mouth without looking at it. You should post the videos to all the major (and a lot of the minor) video hosting sites. The search engines look for new content to share, and since they love video, your video should be so many places that they don’t have a choice but to show your video! My buddy (and mentor) Ross Goldberg created a software system called Video Marketer to help you get your videos on as many sites as you want. But it also shows you which sites you should be promoting the videos that you just uploaded.

Using Video Marketer will help with video promotion. It gives you the framework for a successful video marketing campaign along with the training to have you doing your video marketing the right way every time. I highly recommend you check out Video Marketer now while the price is at its lowest!

What should I do next?

If you are an author… you should be making book trailers to promote your book. This system will help you get the videos that you create out to your prospective readers! Here is the software I recommend for creating videos for your book trailer (you don’t need all of them – some do different jobs – some overlap in their capability):

Video Maker FX – This software is a standalone product that creates videos from a series of templates that are contained in the program. You have the option to buy additional templates for even greater variety of videos.

Easy Video Suite – This is actually a suite of software that allows you to record your own screen share videos and web cam videos in addition to a powerful player that gives you the ability to include opt in forms and payment buttons on the video itself or on the landing page. This is great if you want to do demonstration or talking head videos.

Auto Video Creator – This software is great if you want to do presentation videos using PowerPoint (not included) or Open Office Impress (free but not included). The program imports presentations and allows you to narrate the slides yourself or reads them using a powerful text to voice module. It also allows you to add background music or upload a soundtrack. One drawback to this one is that it does not allow in-slide animations like PowerPoint does. Still a good value.

PowerPoint – If you own PowerPoint, you can create presentations and save them as videos. One drawback I have run into with this method is that some of my videos would not save because I was making them too elaborate. This is really only good for very simple video presentations. If you want to record presentations with a lot of animations and sound effects, you have to use a screen capture program like Easy Video Suite above.

With the above software and your creativity, your book will get the promotion it needs to flourish in the marketplace! But you must remember to use it according to the plan that Ross Goldberg outlines in his training that accompanies Video Marketer! With the training and the programs, you will have the tools necessary to capture your audience and increase your future sales as you write to their interests!

Let’s hear your success stories or concerns below:

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You see…every once in a while a revolutionary new product comes along that completely transforms the marketplace…

In 1876, the telephone was invented, changing communications forever and allowing anyone with a phone to communicate quickly and efficiently, replacing telegraph and telegrams.

About 100 years later, the world wide web reshaped the way we think and do business, making communications and content distribution free and allowing you to buy, sell or market anything, anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Almost a decade ago, a new product called Traffic Geyser established a way to broadcast and syndicate videos, marketing content and links to get massive amounts of free traffic by leveraging those billion dollar distribution networks with the click of a button.

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There are many reasons why authors should use a personal profile page on Facebook in addition to using a business page. Creating a personal profile page is very beneficial and advantageous and can increase book sales if you are an author.

First of all, Facebook only allows your posts to be seen by 10-20% of the people who have “liked” your business page. If you want a higher percentage of people who have liked your page to see your posts, you must pay Facebook in order to do so by clicking on the “boost post” button in the lower right hand corner of your post.

On the other hand, this is not the case with personal profile pages. Your posts on your wall of your personal profile page are not limited to only 10-20% of your friends seeing your posts. Facebook does not automatically block your friends from seeing your posts to your personal profile page.

When you use a business page on Facebook, you cannot see who has “liked” your page. Therefore, you can not visit their page and write a thank you note on it. Being able to write a thank you note on the walls of the people who have “liked” your business page would help to spread the word about your page, you, and your books. However, because you cannot see who has “liked” your business page, and you cannot visit the pages of those who have “liked” your page, you cannot do this. This limits the expansion of your network of potential customers.

However, if you use a personal profile page as your author page, you can visit the pages of those who have added you as a friend and write a thank you note on their wall so that others see your thank you note and hopefully add you as a friend also, thereby further expanding your network of potential friends and potential customers who buy your book.

If you use only a business page, you cannot join any Facebook groups. However, if you use a personal profile page, you can join many groups. The advantage of joining groups is that you can write useful, helpful, informative, or educational articles and post them to the walls of the groups that you are a member of. I have found that by doing this, many people have enjoyed my articles and have added me as a friend as a result of it. Hundreds of people have also subscribed to see my posts in their newsfeeds (are following me on Facebook). I have also found that by joining groups on Facebook and posting articles on their walls, it has generated many sales revenues for my books. This cannot be done with a business page on Facebook.

Since we are blocked from being able to join groups, etc. on Facebook with a business page, we must then spread the word about our business page elsewhere. Unless we pay Facebook money, we cannot promote nor expand our network for our business page on Facebook itself at all if we do not have a personal profile page.

Furthermore, focusing on asking people or begging people to “like” our business page on Facebook does not necessarily mean that those people that we have begged are going to be customers who will buy our books. Efforts could be better spent on writing good quality articles and posting them on group walls or getting interviewed on radio shows and posting links to the shows on group walls than begging people to “like” our business pages.

I have a few suggestions, however, when using a personal profile page as your author page on Facebook:

First of all, do not place spam on your wall constantly, and do not place spam on your friends’ walls. Your friends/fans will see your posts on your wall in their newsfeeds and may become angry and block you, unfriend you, or report you for spam if constantly place spam on the wall of your personal profile page. Your Facebook account could end up being closed, and you could lose out on the many wonderful benefits of spreading the word about your book through Facebook.

Also, it is wise to refrain from placing spam on the walls of the groups that you are a member of, and it is wise to refrain from spamming group members. Although many of the admins. of the groups on Facebook do tolerate posts on their group walls stating that you recommend such and such a book because….., some admins. do not tolerate any spam at all whatsoever which leads to your posts being deleted from the groups’ walls, your being kicked out of the group altogether, or your being reported to Facebook for spam. It is best to post to group walls cautiously. Posting helpful articles or anything else that is helpful is the best practice.

Secondly, although your fans may want to add you as a friend and may want to learn more about your personal life, it would be wise to be selective of what you post on the wall of your personal profile page if you are using it as your author page. Sharing your life with others is fine to an extent. Keeping things professional even when posting about your personal life is the best option so as to retain customers instead of losing them.

Facebook is a wonderful social media platform for authors. Using a personal profile page in addition to a business page is very beneficial and can further expand an author’s customer base and increase their sales.

About The Author:

Trish LeSage photoTrish LeSage is an Author Consultant (She helps authors to plan their book launches and gives them advice on promoting their books.). She is also a best selling author on Amazon and is a writer of magazine articles on Metaphysics, self-empowerment, and body-mind-spirit topics. She is the author of three books: Meditations For Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates And Beyond; Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, And Business Via Numerology; and Traveling To Parallel Universes which became instant best sellers on Amazon upon publication. More information about her work is available on her website at

In marketing, you have to get your message in front of the people who are looking for the solution to their problems. Your product or service is important to your customers, but if they do not know about you, they won’t find you.

So what do you do to get your product in front of prospective customers?

Social media marketing is the number one way to join in with your prospects so that they can get to know you, like you and trust you. It lets them see you and how you handle yourself.

Prospects are on the social networks, tweeting about their lunches, posting pictures of kittens and babies on Facebook, pinning on Pinterest and networking on LinkedIn. It may not look like the kind of place that you want to spend any time with your business advertising, but you would be surprised at the results that can be obtained by simply adding social media to your marketing mix.

SocialNetEffect02Social Net Effect: Fishing For Prospects With Social Media Marketing is the resource you need to set your social media presence up for success. It will reveal the tricks to proper branding so that your prospects can easily identify with you and how you can help them solve a problem that they are having.

Your brand is your identity.

Use your brand to unify your message. All social media communication should enforce that brand. If you share kittens, do it from your personal profile, not your business page.  That is why it is crucial to create a page for your business, so that when you communicate outside of your branding, you can use your personal profile and communication your brand message using the business page.

Gather your prospects.

Use Facebook and LinkedIn groups to bring together all of the people that have identified themselves as your ideal prospects. Using these groups, you have the ability to educate your prospects on the benefits of your product or service. Even more important, you should grow an email list of prospects, too, so that you can contact them with special offers when they are away from their social media. Social Net Effect: Fishing For Prospects With Social Media Marketing can help you figure out the best way to tackle these networks.

Why buy Social Net Effect: Fishing For Prospects With Social Media Marketing?

Using social media marketing will make it possible to brand your business in a variety of ways. In the book, I talk about the social networks that YOU MUST BE ON! I didn’t cover YouTube or any of the video sharing sites, but having a profile and/or page on them for your business will help – as long as you use them to communicate your brand message.

I tell you that it will take work… you will need to brand yourself. That means looking at your business and deciding on what your business really is all about. Slapping a brand together is as bad as not having one.

The importance of the social networks I do cover will become evident as you dig into the chapters. The whole process of building your brand and marketing it on social media is an evolutionary process. You do not need to throw your message on all networks immediately. Start with one, then add each of the others as your marketing matures.

Some online marketers may not have a brand identity, and it will scare them to hear this message. Take the time to brand your business. Finding a coach is expensive, but it may help you get your brand together more quickly than trying to figure it out on your own. Social Net Effect can help you cut that expense by showing you how to do it yourself! I reveal how your social media message can properly convey your brand to the people who need your product and service. This targeted approach is so much more valuable than a disjointed mishmash of messages to people who are not paying attention.

This book will give you the knowledge to help you use these social media tools wisely, because your business depends on your message making it to the people who are looking for a solution to the problems that your product or service will solve.

As a bonus, I will also give you a guide to social media marketing tools that will help you save time in getting your message out, figuring out who your market is and finding ways to get your message seen. Go ahead and buy Social Net Effect: Fishing For Prospects With Social Media Marketing and stop struggling to get prospects.

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