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New members who enroll for mobile service by October 31st will receive their first month of mobile service for free, a savings of $49. If they bring their own phone, their SIM card is free, a savings of $29. For BYOP members, that’s a total saving of $78. (BYOP = Bring Your Own Phone)

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Lemons are a fact of life. When you get handed a bunch of them, you should juice those babies and sell as much lemonade as you can! You could compare the current economic conditions to a bumper crop of lemons. People are out of work, or working less than desirable careers to make ends meet and they are desperately seeking for the solution.

Bestselling author and entrepreneur Alan Bechtold showed me that publishing is the way to collect other people’s content on your own site for cash flow. In fact, many marketers are trying to get this done, and they need content. Unbelievable amounts of content. And since a bunch of the sites that go up are only using previously published material, a market has appeared for anyone with plans to become a freelance writer.

Look on Google for ghost writer (not the movie). I discovered hundreds of jobs available for freelance writers here on this site: (I have no affiliation with this site, it is just an example of what you can find if you search for freelance work. Simply being a prolific writer is enough to earn a good living. Now that writers have more tools available to them than ever, this is the best time to take on Freelance Writing as a way to make money. With a little research and preparation, you can create a decent article or blog post for someone else to use that will allow you to take full advantage of your skills while earning a paycheck.

You won’t get rich on one freelance job, but you can take on many of them in a day, so that you can bring in an extra hundred dollars a day if you do enough jobs on a consistent basis.

In fact, as you get better at writing for others, the more repeat business you will receive, just because it is more convenient for a client to request more content from a known entity, than it is for them to guessing who will write quality content from all the hundreds of bidders out there. As you build a relationship with your clients, many of your customers ask for your services directly, instead of going through websites like

So if you find that you need extra money, and you have the time to write, you will want to think about becoming a full time freelance writer. You can set out doing it part time until you collect a list of paying clients, but once you attain a comfortable income with writing, you can consider taking it fulltime, because you will find that as you become more efficient, your writing gets even better. Efficiency can lead to even higher paying writing clients, which can set you on your way to financial freedom, because you can negotiate ghost writing contracts where you get a portion of the royalties on the books you write!

Get your first client today!

Micheal Savoie is the founder of the Author Development Network, where he helps writers hone their skills with the help of their peers. Sign up for free at and check out his Freelancer’s Guide.

What would you do if you met a child who would surely die if
they didn’t get medical attention quickly? And by all
indications, that child had no hope for medical attention
because the cost was completely out of reach.

"That’s a sad situation," you say. "But there’s nothing
I can do about it… I’m just one person. They need a

Luckily, we know a great doctor.

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian has dedicated his life to helping
those kids. To date, he’s performed more than 70
life-saving surgeries for those kids who never would
haven’t gotten the open heart surgeries. He’s done that by
raising more than $137,000 through his internet marketing

And now, you can help him do more.

And you can profit from this as well by participating in the
NAMS4Kids JV Giveaway. Not only will you get 100s of great
products to help you run your business or your life, but
you’ll be saving lives…literally!

Read this example of one such child below:


"What do you want to become when you grow up?" the
interviewer on the cable TV news channel asked him.

"I will take good care of my mother," the boy replied.

His name is Vinodh. He is 8 years old. He had just recovered
from heart surgery.

And his words had deep meaning.

Much more than may be apparent at first glance.

When Vinodh was a toddler, his dad abandoned the family. His
mother scraped by, earning a meager daily wage as a
construction worker. On Rs.500 (around $10) a month, she
struggled to bring up 2 children. And one of them had a
congenital heart defect!

She was told he needed an operation. The cost would be at
least Rs.65,000 ($1,300). With no option in sight to raise
the mind-boggling sum, she hoped and prayed – and cared for
Vinodh. Until he became too ill to ignore.

The brave young woman, fighting for her precious son’s
survival, dared to make a desperate effort – and traveled
hundreds of miles to the nearest city where heart surgery
would be available. As to how she would fund it, she hadn’t
the faintest clue!

Or maybe she knew in her heart that there are people who
care. People just like you from around the world who would
reach out with a helping hand, and save her little boy.

Vinodh’s operation was funded through donations from the
Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation. His surgery was one of
the very first success stories of this organization… which
has funded 70 more like his since then.

Is it any surprise then that this young boy’s hope, dream
and ambition is to take good care of his heroine – his mom?

Oh, he said he also dreams of being a doctor.

Thank you – for helping him dream!

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian

Chennai, India


The Niche Affiliate Marketing System workshops have adopted
Dr. Mani’s foundation by supporting his cause. In January,
2010, at NAMS3, we raised more than $1600 from the people in
the room which resulted in surgery for one child in India. 

The students at NAMS saved a life.

If you’ve ever thought about participating in a JV Giveaway
to get great products to drive your business, now’s the

This one is truly different.

David Perdew at NAMS4Kids has called in some favors from a
whole bunch of top online marketers and convinced them all
to give you TONS of free products and services at no cost to

But of course, we’d take a donation from you for Dr.
Mani’s foundation. Our goal is to raise $10,000 in 72

You will receive:




-private label rights products

-self-improvement products

And much more.

You name it, it’s there.

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Stay tuned, I’ll let you know as soon as this is released.
It’s the most exciting news I’ve had the opportunity to
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Peace & Prosperity!

Micheal Savoie

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As you know, Yvonne and I use blogs for a lot of our promotions.

Well, we have a pretty big list, too. Part of that list came from the blogs and part came from giveaway events.

Even if you never participate in any giveaway events, you can still build a big list using gifts.

These are a must:

  • Your report should cover a hot topic in your niche, and help introduce another product that you can make a commission on while helping the reader solve a problem.
  • You should have a professional looking image of your product, and a squeeze page that is very concise – asking for the email address and name of the person.
  • If you have a one time offer that you want to show the prospects, it is better to wait until after they click on the
    confirmation link.

Here are three quick tips for building a list fast.

  1. Offer a bonus on someone’s paid product.

    Have a high quality report that you can offer as a bonus on the download page of JV partners. This means that your product will be seen by the buyers of that person’s product…

  2. Do ad swaps with other marketers.

    Many marketers are looking for opportunities to get their products in front of other people. You can contact other marketers in your niche and offer them to mail out to your list about them if they mail out to their list about you.

  3. Offer a download on your blog.

    Each blog you do should have an optin form right on it with a picture of the ebook or report you are giving away.

    When you write posts on your blog, do a search on Google and Blog Catalog for other posts related to yours and go comment on them. If you do 5 comments for each of your own posts, you will find that you will start getting a LOT more visitors to your blog and more comments.

    That is when having your optin form begins to bring you a nice stream of optins.

But the key to all of these three methods is having quality reports on the topic that you are covering on your blog and your list.

If you don’t want to write your own reports, make your own graphics and squeeze pages, you are in luck… You can now get 10 brand spanking new reports that you can use to build your list.

The List Profits Kit includes 10 high quality Reports, Squeeze Pages, Source Files, PSDs and More!

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Building a list is crucial to your business success. Take advantage of the List Profit Kit and take your list building to the next level with high converting reports and graphics.

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