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Everyone knows that Blogging is one of the best ways to attract organic traffic.

The problem is, it takes a long time to build authority and attract traffic to your blog.

Another good way is social networking; Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, are all great sources of Organic traffic.

What if I told you another FREE way of getting organic traffic to all of the above, would you be interested?

Not convinced? OK what if I told you this same system can make you an automatic AUTHORITY in your niche?

Introducing The Power Of Authority ( )

A step by step guide, showing you how to become a best-selling author on Amazon, even if you have never written a book before.

This 100% proven system even has a 30 day money back guarantee

Kevin the Kindle King is sharing his blueprint that has taken all of his clients to best seller status on Amazon Kindle.

It has taken two years hard work, to find out exactly how Amazons algorithms work.

WAIT! That’s not all, Kevin charges $2000 to do this for his clients and he is giving you permission to do this for other people, so it’s a ready made business in a box.


Got to go, my Facebook chat is going crazy over this product


Micheal & Yvonne –

PS – This is what I am using to make my book sell even better! I suggest you get this while the price is at its lowest, because you won’t get another chance to get this much information for such a small price tag!

Here is the link again:

Over the past ten years marketers have searched for the answer to a fundamental question.

How do the successful marketers and online guru’s get to the top of their profession?

How do they continue to have success after success with every product they release?

Now I’m not talking about traffic, we all know having a successful list is really important, but many people have a great list, but still struggle to reach the dizzy heights the top marketers and guru’s reach.

There is one thing however that all these people have in common, and that’s authority, and they have it in abundance. This authority has cost them thousands of dollars over many years, and we realize not everyone has this kind of financial clout or even the time to get to where they want to be.

They want it now and they want it as cost effective as possible.

The Power Of AuthorityIntroducing “The Power of Authority” One of the easiest ways to gain authority in any niche is to become a bestselling author, think about this for one moment.

When you want to find information about anything, the first place you turn to is the internet, even before the internet you would search a library.

This is because since the dawn of time, authors have been seen to have Authority, hence the word author.

You shouldn’t underestimate, the power authority gives you, here’s a quick example.

The last time you went to a hospital and sat waiting for someone to come and see you, what would you do, if a man or woman in a white coat came into your cubical and told you that you needed to take some form of medication? Would you ask them for identification, or would you naturally presume they were an authority, due to the white coat?

You would say thanks and take the meds.

This isn’t due to real authority, although they do have it, this is due to perceived authority, and also applies to bestselling authors.

Kevin Long, aka the Kindle king, along with his partner Andy Harris, have produced a product that will get you to bestselling status on Amazon, even if you have never written a book before.

Not only will it get you to bestselling status, but it will get you there in just 30 days.

So the next time someone is looking for an answer to a specific question in your niche, where are they going to look? They are going to look at the bestselling author.

Imagine what it would be like for prospects to come looking for you, instead of you having to search for them.

THE POWER of AUTHORITY book was number 1 in Japan, USA, Germany, Brazil, Australia, and Canada and the product got there by using this very system that they are launching.

A step by step guide, over the shoulder, that will give you the opportunity to be the authority in your niche.

Alex Jefferys said “this product is outstanding” as it took his two books to number one around the World.

Grab The Power Of Authority now as the Early Bird Price won’t last long:

To your success,

Micheal J. Savoie –


Once upon a time, people who earned royalties
were treated like… well, royalty. Today, people
who earn royalties are finding that it is still
something that sets them apart!

Our technology has made it possible to earn
more! Something has come across my desk that
I had to share with you.

This is a once in a lifetime chance for us to make
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automatically. Because of my good friend Ben
Shaffer, I am able to offer you a chance to get
your share of the royalties that Ben is setting up.

I was shocked when Ben explained the concept
to me a few weeks back. I knew it looked good,
but the surprise came when he told me how he
was going to allow a select group of investors
to participate.

Ben is a well known online expert who has
broken barriers with his innovations! His
latest innovation is going to allow a group
of investors like you and me to team up
and start earning royalties together in a crowd
funded new startup. This is an amazingly
brilliant idea, and I immediately thought of
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Ben reveals all the details here: 

To your success,

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PS – Because Ben has to work with investors
on a personal level, he is only allowing a
limited number of people into this IM

He is closing the doors on Tuesday, July 15th.

So if you are tired of running the rat race
without seeing any results and would love
to have someone do all the work and just
pay you the royalties…

Then you need to watch the video here:

Reprinted from WSO InsidersImagine Your Kindle Dreams Coming True!

I’m not really supposed to tell you about this until tomorrow
but I am never one to do ‘exactly’ as I am told. And anyway,
this is one of the most exciting projects to come across my
desk in a LOOOOOONG time!

Do ever feel frustrated because you are not making as
much as you want online?

Is it because:

1. Absolutely nothing seems to work for you when you
actually try it?

2. You simply don’t have time to spend hours learning the
latest technique or strategy? I know about that having
built my business while working 2 jobs.

3. Your technical skills leave much to be desired?

I know these three first hand. I used to throw mud
against the wall hoping something would stick.

Some did.

Hey…we have all been there. Even Bill Gates didn’t
know how to use a computer at one stage ;)

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to send you an email which
will change all of that.

This is not about the latest new fad, strategy or technique.

This is a total game changer and something that I myself am
going to get involved in. (Pronounced income streams)…

Watch out for my email tomorrow when ‘this’ opens as
I feel this is going to be much more popular than they think.

Best Wishes,

Micheal & Yvonne –

PS. Sorry that I am being slightly vague. I have already
said more than I probably am allowed to. Open my email
tomorrow and all will be revealed. I promise!

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Author’s note: You can get Social Net Effect: Fishing For Prospects With Social Media Marketing at the lower price until Amazon finally changes it. You may still have time!

Show link:

I talked about a text scratch pad called NoteLocker that saves your notes to Google Drive and your hard drive automatically as you work so you don’t lose your notes. Here is the link for it:

Pure Leverage Facebook Fan Page:

Do You (Try To) Sell Tee Shirts?

I see a lot of TeeSpring Campaigns on the NFL groups I am a member of. Not all of them actually sell anything. One of the reasons that many of them don’t sell any shirts is that TeeSpring has minimum orders and the pricing is really high on smaller orders.

This is a good solution:

No minimums. Low wholesale pricing. NFL licensed images that you can use! You can thank me later!TShirts

What to do for writer’s block?

You must avoid editing while writing to avoid simple writer’s block. The writer and the editor are very often at odds with each other – the critical nature of the editor stunts the ability of the creative writer when both are allowed to work simultaneously. During this creative period, the structure is unimportant – you should write without regard for grammar or even spelling. During these creative writing phases, everything should be put to paper (or in today’s world, in the computer’s memory) whether or not it is on topic or too strange or extreme. These extreme or off topic parts could end up being useful in future articles or stories. Only after you have written more than you need for your story, article or even your journal should you allow the critical editor to have access to your content.

Writers often suggest taking time to do what is called "free writing" a few times a week to smooth out any writers block. Similar to journaling, free writing is when one sets a timer and just writes for 15 to 20 minutes straight without editing or interruption. Do not worry about the grammatical correctness of what is being recorded, just write, typos and errors be damned, until the timer goes off. Write whatever comes to mind, including "I have to keep on writing so that I have some word on the page before the timer goes off," if you cannot think of anything. During free writing, you don’t care about rules and spelling. Sometimes ideas will be triggered from what you have written, which in turn can trigger others. Some of the best story ideas have come from free writing about something completely different. By delving into your previous free writing sessions, you can often find very good starting points for stories and articles. The more you free write, the more archives you will have to dig into for ideas during those periods when you are having trouble coming up with a story hook.

Need some help getting organized when writing?

Reprinted with permission from Social Network EffectDoes Epic Content Machine Help With Writer’s Block?

Note to reader: I talk about blogging in here, but this software could very easily be used by authors who are working on their books, publicists who are writing press releases or even video marketers who are writing a script for their latest masterpiece.

Also, if you purchase any products mentioned in this article, I could be compensated. I was furnished a copy of the software by its creator prior to the product being available for sale.

Ross Goldberg asked me to take his newest software creation for a test drive. The software is a content generation tool that makes creating epic content as easy as making an outline.

epic-content-machineI installed Epic Content Machine on my computer and immediately found it to be good for everyone! Because it runs on Adobe Air,  Windows and MAC users are able to use this software right out of the virtual box.

The first thing I noticed (I got the upgraded version Blog Marketer for this review, but the Epic Content Machine is the same by itself and inside the Blog Marketer) was how intuitive it was.

content manager - Epic Content MachineWhen it starts, Epic Content Machine takes you to the Content Manager. That is the central hub of operations for your content creation experience. It also stores all of your current projects so that you can add new content, edit current content or spin (optional since you need a Spin Rewriter API) the current content.

Inside the content manager, I was given 4 choices which coincided with my current needs:

  1. The Lazy Way
  2. Headline Wizard
  3. Cheating Wizard
  4. Content Wizard

The Lazy Way takes you to a site where you can pay for articles. Great for when you need content in a niche that you are not familiar with and don’t have time to learn about it.

headline wizard Headline Wizard is like walking into an ice cream parlor and seeing the glass cases filled with all the best flavors… the example headlines that Ross has included in the Headline Wizard are top notch, you select one that you like and then change it for the topic you are planning on writing about.

cheatingwizardCheating Wizard is a search window with a text editor attached. You search for your keyphrase, then select some of the results and look for content that will help you make your point. You copy the content and paste it into the editor. When you click on the next button, it opens a new editor window with only the first sentence from the text you had copied. You edit that text and then click next when you are ready for the next sentence. You edit each sentence until you have gone through the entire paragraph or article. This is awesome for those times when you are looking for either a curated type of post or a top ten list…

contentwizardContent Wizard is the key to getting a lot of content done. When you open it up, you get a single text box and a drop down selector beside it. You type in the main idea of your article or blog post in the text box and then you choose how many paragraphs you plan on writing for this post. When you click next, you are taken to a page where the main idea is at the top and a number of empty text boxes (based on the number you chose in the previous step). You contentwizard2put a key point that relates to the main idea in each of the text boxes on the page then click next to find that now you are supposed to turn those main ideas into sentences, then move on to the next page where you are supposed to add sentences to turn each idea into a paragraph. By the time you are done, you have a finished article or blog post!


I wrote a testimonial for Epic Content Machine for Ross, since he was nice enough to help me out by giving me an advance copy of the software.

With over 100 blogs that need content, I found it rather overwhelming to write my posts without sounding like a broken record. But Ross set me up with Epic Content Machine and I found myself getting my thoughts and ideas organized by using the Content Manager to store all the working copies of my posts. I was able to increase my post writing significantly. Now, I schedule some time for each blog and write posts for an hour – that gets me a week’s worth of posts (and more if I repurpose some of them).

Thanks, Ross, for bringing out Epic Content Machine and allowing me to have more time to do fun stuff instead of worrying about content!

Micheal Savoie

As you can see in my testimonial, I absolutely loved using this software. I didn’t even touch on the features of Blog Marketer (submitting to hundreds of sites) because you don’t have to get Blog Marketer if you are only interested in creating content. I highly recommend this software to anyone who writes content (even video scripts).

Struggling with content (writing)?

Grab this software at the lowest possible price right now!

To your success,

Micheal –

PS – This is exactly what bloggers and article marketers need when they want to knock out a lot of content in a hurry!

PPS – You might want to grab a membership to Spin Rewriter so you can connect the Epic Content Machine to it for spun content:

Today on Blogging With Micheal – Trish LeSage.

Special Guest Trish LeSage

Trish LeSage is an Author Consultant (She helps authors to plan their book launches and advises them on how to promote their books online.).  She is also best-selling author on Amazon and a writer of magazine articles on Metaphysics, self-empowerment, and body-mind-spirit topics. Her articles have been published in online magazines and in print magazines such as Sedona Journal of Emergence and The Magical Times which are distributed at Barnes & Noble bookstores and at other locations Worldwide.  She is the author of three books which became instant best sellers on Amazon upon publication: Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, And Business Via Numerology, Traveling To Parallel Universes, and Meditations For Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates, and Beyond. More information about her work is available on her website at:





Why Authors Should Also Use A Personal Profile Page on Facebook In Addition To A Business Page by Trish LeSage

Oh, You Can Also Create Unlimited "Spun" EBooks Too!

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Isn’t that simple? It only took a few clicks to generate a full ebook for your entire blog. You can also use the spin feature to make any of your blog posts, pages or eBooks unique, by adding variations to any word you want. It’s so easy and fast.

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