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Once upon a time, people who earned royalties
were treated like… well, royalty. Today, people
who earn royalties are finding that it is still
something that sets them apart!

Our technology has made it possible to earn
more! Something has come across my desk that
I had to share with you.

This is a once in a lifetime chance for us to make
a single investment and collect royalties
automatically. Because of my good friend Ben
Shaffer, I am able to offer you a chance to get
your share of the royalties that Ben is setting up.

I was shocked when Ben explained the concept
to me a few weeks back. I knew it looked good,
but the surprise came when he told me how he
was going to allow a select group of investors
to participate.

Ben is a well known online expert who has
broken barriers with his innovations! His
latest innovation is going to allow a group
of investors like you and me to team up
and start earning royalties together in a crowd
funded new startup. This is an amazingly
brilliant idea, and I immediately thought of
letting you in on it as soon as I saw the potential!

Ben reveals all the details here: 

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne – 

PS – Because Ben has to work with investors
on a personal level, he is only allowing a
limited number of people into this IM

He is closing the doors on Tuesday, July 15th.

So if you are tired of running the rat race
without seeing any results and would love
to have someone do all the work and just
pay you the royalties…

Then you need to watch the video here:

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I have more information on "Solavei", there will
be a very narrow window to be able to get involved
with the other big players, so I’m going to mail on
this now before it is too late..

Earlier email:

I have a big "heads up" here for U.S. marketers,
we may have the "big one" dropping in our laps.
There’s a major "move" coming from the chief
officers from companies including Microsoft, Tmobile,
Best Buy, Amazon, J.P. Morgan, Target, Walmart and
another dozen big names, all attempting to revolutionize
advertising, by putting it, well.. for lack of a better
way to explain it…
In OUR hands.

It’s freakin’ uncanny.

Here’s the video I made just for you as a group, and
why this could mean so much income for you:

(My email details are on that page)

In fact, the big names are already "all-over-it",
including marketers like Russell Brunson, Jeff Mills,
and Jerry Foster.

You will LOVE the product.. it starts with unlimited,
web, text & voice 4G Tmobile cellphone service, and that’s
all you have to pay for to get onboard, believe it or
not, but it goes WAY beyond the phone service, as you’ll
see.. The master plan and a bit of the compensation plan
are in my video above… as well as what you should do to
be on my "front line"…

To our mutual success,

Micheal & Yvonne

PS – You are welcome to join either Micheal or Yvonne
in this. To join Yvonne, the link is:

Contact us via skype (micheal.savoie) or fill out
the form on this page:

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