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Writing a unique, interesting blog that is connected to your website is essential for most companies. The difficult thing, sometimes, is knowing whether you need a “product promo” or “company blog” that doesn’t even mention your name.

Company blog articles give information about your product or service without mentioning your sponsorship. Posts can help customers understand one single benefit of any product in the category – the longevity of wood floors, for example. Longer blog entries can compare two products lines when you carry both – wood vs. laminate flooring, for example.

“Everything has been done before.”
There ARE new ideas under the sun. Use competitors’ blogs and promos as your challenge. The trick, unlike your competitors, is that you step back from yourself and see it from the buyer’s point of view.

What is the question that you are most often asked? What do customers need to know before the actual purchase decision? What stages did they go through before buying? Topics that speak directly to the customer’s needs perform better, even if they’re not exciting or oh-so-clever.

Think like the customer, direct your content to the customer, and you’ll get customers.

“I don’t have time.”
Devising a relevant topic and creating content for your blog does take time. Distasteful as it may be, give it as much attention as your social media marketing. Yes, it’s that important. Your time is repaid many times over.

Blog postings should be interesting and well-researched. Do not, in any way, copy and paste another’s web content. It’s a copyright infringement and you can get sued. It saves time, but it’s bad practice.

Dare to be different. Stand out beyond your competitors and your industry.

“I am not a writer.”
This misconception has got to go. Anyone can write a good article when using the right tools and the right organization. Rule #1 is don’t try to cover everything in one post.

Write bullets of the three most important things about the topic you’ve chosen. Short posts will have one bullet point. Then write one unedited sentence about those bullets, go back the next round and write another sentence. Then edit your words beneath each bullet, and add clever subheads.

A well-written, informative blog reflects well on your company. Customers appreciate your “help” because a good blog instills trust.

As you can see, writing is not all that hard for even the beginner. The most important thing you can do is continually practice. If English is not your first language, not a problem! The best way for you to communicate in English is to practice writing it. That is how we incubate authors here! Read the posts of other members, and learn from the way they use the English language to get their point across.

PLEASE: Do not write posts in any other language than English. We are not able to handle other languages, and cannot help you with your writing if we cannot read it.

Strategies And Tactics That Lead To Game Changing Results

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Brian G. Johnson is launching Trust Funnel and he can’t wait to share
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Mike Koenigs New #1 Best Selling Book, Publish & Profit

Eighteen months ago Mike Koenigs was separated 2,542 miles away from his family at the Duke University Medical Center being treated for Stage 3a cancer. He was surrounded by people who were dying and he was fighting for his life. That’s when he became obsessed with the idea of writing a book in case he died, leaving his wife and 11-year-old son, Zak behind.

Armed only with an iPhone and with less than hour of strength a day, he wrote, published, promoted, and became a #1 bestselling author in less than 30 days. Since then, using that same system, he has helped over 300 people write, publish, promote, and become bestselling authors too. it’s your turn.

Mike has simplified the process – with 5 steps to creating & publishing a book…and he’ll also show you the 10 fastest ways to make money with your book. That way you can learn to Publish quickly and Profit wildly.

You may think you’ve heard this before or maybe you have even already published a book. But my guess is you also may not have the freedom and authority you wanted when you first started out.

It’s ok…and it’s not your fault. What you’re about to see is totally new.

So, hang on. You’re about to discover a completely different way to leverage your book…and you’re also about to see how quickly you can achieve the income and results you want.

You’re about to learn a completely new model for either starting or enhancing any business – an “Integrated Hybrid System” that is being embraced by small business owners, NY Literary Agents, NY Times Bestselling Authors, experts, speakers, consultants, coaches, CEOs, and entrepreneurs – many who are hearing about it for the first time.

And you’ll see irrefutable proof that this works in any business or industry, online and offline, in any language, anywhere in the world.

● This solution is 564 years old
● It’s not high-tech
● It’s built armies, won wars, and the hearts and minds of entire countries
● It’s endured the test of time
● And can create wealth and fame for you when you understand it’s potential…

It’s like getting an exclusive VIP ticket to a private members-only club filled with community that enables your freedom and autonomy.

80% of those who say they want a book don’t take action.
Here is where you can take action.

PS – If you don’t know Mike, he’s the brain behind Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer. He’s also a 6-time #1 best selling author.

He’s giving away a free copy of his latest book “Publish & Profit.”

Everyone knows that Blogging is one of the best ways to attract organic traffic.

The problem is, it takes a long time to build authority and attract traffic to your blog.

Another good way is social networking; Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, are all great sources of Organic traffic.

What if I told you another FREE way of getting organic traffic to all of the above, would you be interested?

Not convinced? OK what if I told you this same system can make you an automatic AUTHORITY in your niche?

Introducing The Power Of Authority ( )

A step by step guide, showing you how to become a best-selling author on Amazon, even if you have never written a book before.

This 100% proven system even has a 30 day money back guarantee

Kevin the Kindle King is sharing his blueprint that has taken all of his clients to best seller status on Amazon Kindle.

It has taken two years hard work, to find out exactly how Amazons algorithms work.

WAIT! That’s not all, Kevin charges $2000 to do this for his clients and he is giving you permission to do this for other people, so it’s a ready made business in a box.


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If you have always wanted to have a best selling book, then you need to check out the Power Of Authority  launch right now! The price is rising with each purchase and you can save a bundle if you hurry!

The Power Of Authority is a step by step guide to help you get your book into the best seller lists!

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Over the past ten years marketers have searched for the answer to a fundamental question.

How do the successful marketers and online guru’s get to the top of their profession?

How do they continue to have success after success with every product they release?

Now I’m not talking about traffic, we all know having a successful list is really important, but many people have a great list, but still struggle to reach the dizzy heights the top marketers and guru’s reach.

There is one thing however that all these people have in common, and that’s authority, and they have it in abundance. This authority has cost them thousands of dollars over many years, and we realize not everyone has this kind of financial clout or even the time to get to where they want to be.

They want it now and they want it as cost effective as possible.

The Power Of AuthorityIntroducing “The Power of Authority” One of the easiest ways to gain authority in any niche is to become a bestselling author, think about this for one moment.

When you want to find information about anything, the first place you turn to is the internet, even before the internet you would search a library.

This is because since the dawn of time, authors have been seen to have Authority, hence the word author.

You shouldn’t underestimate, the power authority gives you, here’s a quick example.

The last time you went to a hospital and sat waiting for someone to come and see you, what would you do, if a man or woman in a white coat came into your cubical and told you that you needed to take some form of medication? Would you ask them for identification, or would you naturally presume they were an authority, due to the white coat?

You would say thanks and take the meds.

This isn’t due to real authority, although they do have it, this is due to perceived authority, and also applies to bestselling authors.

Kevin Long, aka the Kindle king, along with his partner Andy Harris, have produced a product that will get you to bestselling status on Amazon, even if you have never written a book before.

Not only will it get you to bestselling status, but it will get you there in just 30 days.

So the next time someone is looking for an answer to a specific question in your niche, where are they going to look? They are going to look at the bestselling author.

Imagine what it would be like for prospects to come looking for you, instead of you having to search for them.

THE POWER of AUTHORITY book was number 1 in Japan, USA, Germany, Brazil, Australia, and Canada and the product got there by using this very system that they are launching.

A step by step guide, over the shoulder, that will give you the opportunity to be the authority in your niche.

Alex Jefferys said “this product is outstanding” as it took his two books to number one around the World.

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Once upon a time, people who earned royalties
were treated like… well, royalty. Today, people
who earn royalties are finding that it is still
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Our technology has made it possible to earn
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I was shocked when Ben explained the concept
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Ben is a well known online expert who has
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Ben reveals all the details here: 

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PS – Because Ben has to work with investors
on a personal level, he is only allowing a
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He is closing the doors on Tuesday, July 15th.

So if you are tired of running the rat race
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Reprinted from WSO InsidersImagine Your Kindle Dreams Coming True!

I’m not really supposed to tell you about this until tomorrow
but I am never one to do ‘exactly’ as I am told. And anyway,
this is one of the most exciting projects to come across my
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Do ever feel frustrated because you are not making as
much as you want online?

Is it because:

1. Absolutely nothing seems to work for you when you
actually try it?

2. You simply don’t have time to spend hours learning the
latest technique or strategy? I know about that having
built my business while working 2 jobs.

3. Your technical skills leave much to be desired?

I know these three first hand. I used to throw mud
against the wall hoping something would stick.

Some did.

Hey…we have all been there. Even Bill Gates didn’t
know how to use a computer at one stage ;)

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to send you an email which
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This is not about the latest new fad, strategy or technique.

This is a total game changer and something that I myself am
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I have been talking about video software a lot lately, mainly because my best buddy online is the video king, Todd Gross and my mentor is the creator of Video Marketer, software that helps submit videos to all the major video sharing sites.

But a new program is coming out tomorrow that is pretty exciting. I mean, really exciting.

Look at the demo video below:

Early bird will go live sometime between 9am and 11am – so get on the list now!

It can do those cool sketching videos with YOUR OWN pictures! That’s right! You can take a photo and let the software create a hand sketching video of the photo being drawn!

This is something that people pay a lot of money per minute of video. Imagine what you could charge to create video for clients…

Grab it at 11 here:

To your video success,


Micheal –


PS – I am doing a video training on Blogging With Micheal on Tuesday,
where I will show you how to create a book trailer for your own book, or
for a book you are promoting on Amazon.

Books… Write them and they will sell!

Not exactly. I have seen a lot of great books hit Amazon and not do anything. My clients often ask me what they should do to get their books moving once they have them on Amazon.

My answer: Create a book trailer video.

Book trailer videos are cool because they grab the reader’s attention where they do not expect it (in a video). Videos are a great way to tease the audience with tidbits that they want to know more about. Once you have them hooked with your video trailer, they will be more likely to follow your video to Amazon where they can buy your book.

Below is a reprint of an article I recently posted on one of my other blogs:

This Is The Best Reason I’ve Heard For Learning How To Promote With Video

(Reprinted from

Marketers fall all over themselves to buy the latest in video creation software. They buy the software and then they get busy creating videos and put them on YouTube. Then they wait. And wait. The traffic, it should be here by now, right? Not exactly, you have to promote your video to get the traction you need! If you don’t learn to promote videos the right way, you have just wasted your time and money using the video creation software you just bought!

3-1013tm-cart-businessPromoting videos should be an automatic reflex, sort of like when you eat in front of the TV and you manage to get the fork in your mouth without looking at it. You should post the videos to all the major (and a lot of the minor) video hosting sites. The search engines look for new content to share, and since they love video, your video should be so many places that they don’t have a choice but to show your video! My buddy (and mentor) Ross Goldberg created a software system called Video Marketer to help you get your videos on as many sites as you want. But it also shows you which sites you should be promoting the videos that you just uploaded.

Using Video Marketer will help with video promotion. It gives you the framework for a successful video marketing campaign along with the training to have you doing your video marketing the right way every time. I highly recommend you check out Video Marketer now while the price is at its lowest!

What should I do next?

If you are an author… you should be making book trailers to promote your book. This system will help you get the videos that you create out to your prospective readers! Here is the software I recommend for creating videos for your book trailer (you don’t need all of them – some do different jobs – some overlap in their capability):

Video Maker FX – This software is a standalone product that creates videos from a series of templates that are contained in the program. You have the option to buy additional templates for even greater variety of videos.

Easy Video Suite – This is actually a suite of software that allows you to record your own screen share videos and web cam videos in addition to a powerful player that gives you the ability to include opt in forms and payment buttons on the video itself or on the landing page. This is great if you want to do demonstration or talking head videos.

Auto Video Creator – This software is great if you want to do presentation videos using PowerPoint (not included) or Open Office Impress (free but not included). The program imports presentations and allows you to narrate the slides yourself or reads them using a powerful text to voice module. It also allows you to add background music or upload a soundtrack. One drawback to this one is that it does not allow in-slide animations like PowerPoint does. Still a good value.

PowerPoint – If you own PowerPoint, you can create presentations and save them as videos. One drawback I have run into with this method is that some of my videos would not save because I was making them too elaborate. This is really only good for very simple video presentations. If you want to record presentations with a lot of animations and sound effects, you have to use a screen capture program like Easy Video Suite above.

With the above software and your creativity, your book will get the promotion it needs to flourish in the marketplace! But you must remember to use it according to the plan that Ross Goldberg outlines in his training that accompanies Video Marketer! With the training and the programs, you will have the tools necessary to capture your audience and increase your future sales as you write to their interests!

Let’s hear your success stories or concerns below:

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