As you know, Yvonne and I use blogs for a lot of our promotions.

Well, we have a pretty big list, too. Part of that list came from the blogs and part came from giveaway events.

Even if you never participate in any giveaway events, you can still build a big list using gifts.

These are a must:

  • Your report should cover a hot topic in your niche, and help introduce another product that you can make a commission on while helping the reader solve a problem.
  • You should have a professional looking image of your product, and a squeeze page that is very concise – asking for the email address and name of the person.
  • If you have a one time offer that you want to show the prospects, it is better to wait until after they click on the
    confirmation link.

Here are three quick tips for building a list fast.

  1. Offer a bonus on someone’s paid product.

    Have a high quality report that you can offer as a bonus on the download page of JV partners. This means that your product will be seen by the buyers of that person’s product…

  2. Do ad swaps with other marketers.

    Many marketers are looking for opportunities to get their products in front of other people. You can contact other marketers in your niche and offer them to mail out to your list about them if they mail out to their list about you.

  3. Offer a download on your blog.

    Each blog you do should have an optin form right on it with a picture of the ebook or report you are giving away.

    When you write posts on your blog, do a search on Google and Blog Catalog for other posts related to yours and go comment on them. If you do 5 comments for each of your own posts, you will find that you will start getting a LOT more visitors to your blog and more comments.

    That is when having your optin form begins to bring you a nice stream of optins.

But the key to all of these three methods is having quality reports on the topic that you are covering on your blog and your list.

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